Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Lately my entire family has been incredibly infatuated with my adorable niece Hali, she is seriously God's gift to earth haha, i love her. Ok she is 6 years old and can text better than most teenagers. It gets better, she's obsessed with holidays and she will be here around the holidays. She is coming for my wedding which coincidentally is the same day as her birthday and she is SOOO excited! Even as excited as i am! Oh she just makes me smile! Every time i get a text from her i light up, like seriously she is so cute!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Jarem and I are getting married! We are very, very HAPPY!!!! We are literally inseparable. Jarem is such an amazing guy, he makes me laugh and smile constantly! We haven't set a date yet, he graduates this year, so it'll be some time after that. I'll keep everyone posted.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day!

I had such a wonderful Valentines Day with Jarem. He took me to Dear John ( I cried like a baby) and to roadhouse. Before the day began he showed up at my apartment with a dozen pink/purple roses (purple is my FAV color). I love getting flowers from Jarem. I loved spending the whole day with him and just appreciating him for the beautiful person that he is. I kind of heart attacked his room, I got heart shaped pink post its and wrote loving things on them. In honor of Valentines Day I want to share 10 reasons that I love Jarem. (In no particular order.)
1. He's almost always in a good mood, especially in the morning, which is much appreciated!
2. He's a REAL man, he's a man's man, he lives up to the word man, he's my protector, best friend and a really loving person.
3. He has a heart of gold, when he loves you, you know it.
4. He's a positive thinker.
5. He's always there for me.
6. He's a loyal person.
7. He loves ME!
9. His laugh is contagious!
10. He spends as much time with me as he possibly can.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm such a little kid sometimes!! I still love these snacks!! But the best part is they're only 100 calories!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did you guys watch The Grammys last night? I am obsessed with the red carpet pre-show and was taking notes on my favorite looks. Here's my breakdown of the best looks from the night. Let me know if you agree or disagree. I wish I could get glammed up like this for a reason!!!

Beyonce: She is definitely my pick for best dressed of the night. She always looks flawless and I love that she flaunts her curves! Curves are beautiful, dolls!

Miley: Miley was totally cute and age-appropriate. Some teens try to take themselves too seriously, you keep rockin' it, doll!

Jennifer Lopez:
It's kind of like two dresses in one and it works! Gorgeous shoes, too... I would totally wear those!

Jennifer Hudson: How amazing does Jennifer Hudson look!? Just because your bigger doesn't mean you can rock an amazing dress!! You go doll!!!!

Taylor Swift: I swear only she can pull this off!! She's so tall and elegant! I can't believe we're the same age!!!

Melody Thornton: The colors in the dress work perfectly with her skin tone. "When I grow up..."

Rihanna: I really LOVE this, she really has a unique style!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanks to all of the SNOW, over the break me and my family plus Jarem, all went sledding, snowmobiling and snowboarding at my parents' house! It was SOOOO much FUN!!! I don't do well in the cold, so i put on as much clothing as possible before heading out!! (as you can see in the video). My mom made hot chocolate to keep us warm in between our activities! Our house felt like a huge cabin that day! Relatives and friends coming in to get warm and heading out for fun in the snow! It was the perfect day for all our fun snow activities!